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I have been asked to read this House Of Com article and then summarize it. So watch that page :)

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Mail to Achal check these out: for VB/VC tutorials for XML parsing for VB6 components for XML

Also, XMLHttp is quite adequate in transporting binaries that are Base64encoded. Note there is a string size limitation (e.g. SOAP) that has to be accommodated in the app design. (Joseph M. Ferris in reply regarding SOAP toolkit)

For MSXML4 go here has good tutorials, even though they go overboard with applicability of XML. (One good practical example is to have mixed environment processing enabled via xml, such as MS components interacting with Linux web servers, or use xmlHTTP object to send recordset data to ASP page from VB.)

Watch out for ways to economize bandwidth usage if into webservices.

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