Amitrajit Chatterjee

I'm a grad student at California State University, Hayward. I hope to graduate by June2005. At the same time I'm on a rigorous job hunting spree, but till now no luck.

I also work as the System Admin of my School Library. Right now working on several projects. Through my studies and long time computer usage I have been drawn more and more towards Open Source products. I truly believe Open Source is THE future of Internet and Software. It will hurt the bottomline of a couple of companies, but that's ok. I have started promoting Fire Fox browser ( ) heavily at work along with Thunderbird email client. From time to time problems do come up, but that's ok. At least I do not have to apply patches and read thorugh volumes of security bulletins every couple of days.

Also trying to use Roller Weblogger ( ), another Open Source project, to establish a blogging server at the Library at first for the staff, then for the school community and ultimately open it for the general public.

Also running a Jabber IM system just for the Library. The server is Jive Messenger ( ). Two clients are used . One is called BusinessIM ( ). This is a very simple chat client to be used only for chatting. No file sharing, voice etc which is what we wanted for the patrons. Another client used is ( ) which has slightly more features than BusinessIM. It also provides a map consisting of all the nodes and you can locate where the source machine is located. The only thing is the map is not dynamic so you have to manually generate and modify the map if the topography changes. Another project is to install the Jabber ( ) IM server/software. Needless to say it is also Open Source. Both of the above programs use Apache Httpd server with Tom Cat Servlet Engine and running My Sql database.

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