Andy Dent

Software developer in Perth, Western Australia with a very very wide range of interests (and about 21 years experience as of April 2004).

No, this isn't intended to be a giant commercial (a lot of these tools are Open Source).

(Deep breath) Core interests in software:

User interface design and usability

Cross-platform development (especially Mac to Windows/Unix)

Database application development tools and putting usable C++ API's on top of ISAM engines like Faircom's c-tree Plus

Information presentation, especially printing and reporting

Code generation (worked on App Maker and Marksman nee Prototyper)

Agile Processes - I started work on processes like my Diary-Driven Development in the early nineties

XML tools including the expatpp wrapper

Python Language (I've got religion!)

If you are more formally interested in my services, look at but I'm currently on a 18 month term at the CSIRO, working in Predictive Mineral Discovery, stretching my scientific programming skills.

The more human side - I have two children from my first marriage, enjoy Ice Dancing, Scuba Diving and have been practising Chinese Martial Arts for most of my adult life.

I am also very interested in Solar House design, and we're now living in a house built to our design. I will eventually have pages posted showing the progress of the design process - we spent about 8 months refining it.

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