Bill Tozier

Bill Tozier is cofounder of Vague Innovation, LLC, a firm that helps independents, contractors and consultants ameliorate business and project risks by being more agile (whatever that means). Bill's also worked at length building Real Time Adaptive Agent software for market traders and the biomedical industry. And is a biologist and Complex Systems researcher.

Over the last several years he's worked as a consulting encyclopaedist (read: "pedant" and "researcher"), on a number of engineering projects involving the optimization, explanation and design of Complex Systems, Multi Agent Systems, and Evolutionary Algorithms.

Oh, and over the week of April 26 2004 he's selling his Erdos Number. Well... selling the chance to increase somebody else's. An act that has some other consequences, hopefully....

Alas for brevity, he has also done work in the following fields:

theoretical computer science (Cellular Automata and stuff like that)

Pharmaceutical Design (computational and also God Forbid real-life benchwork)

Molecular Evolution (theoretical and benchwork again)

models of cultural transmission

agronomic decision-making

complex systems models of marketing and hedonics

designing network algorithms for streaming video

financial prediction and Portfolio Management

If you felt you had to know more, there is a pair of matching websites to be had at , including the personable side of things (eBay auctions, musings, a book in progress) and professional information.

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