Brandon Goldfedder

Brandon has over fifteen years of IT experience centering on excellent communications, requirements analysis, design, development, implementation, project management, and personnel management skills. He has fulfilled the roles of Enterprise Architect, Architect Designer, Software Engineer and CRM package architect for dozens of Fortune 1000 clients.

Before joining the IET team, Brandon was Vice President of Braun Consulting in its Enterprise Application Solution Group. Prior to its acquisition by Braun, he was the CTO of Emerging Technologies Consultants, Inc (ETCI). Brandon has also worked as a software engineer for several consulting and commercial companies. Prior to his career in consulting, he was an officer in the US Air Force. He brings years of experience and a reputation as a published author on software architecture topics to his work as well as having developed several commercial programs under Windows and Unix. He has been involved in architectural approaches for coding in embedded system and enterprise applications, as well as the proper application of the J2EE and .NET frameworks. He earned his B.S.E., Electrical and Computer Science Engineering, and his M.S.E., Computer Science Engineering from John Hopkins University.

He is the author of the Joy of Patterns available at fine book stores everywhere

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