Cameron Smith

Software engineer. Former Literate Programming addict. Myers Briggs ENTJ. Mathematics PhD, with special interest in category theory, recursive function theory, and theory of automata. Former Recent Changes Junkie. Teetering on the edges of becoming a Very Old Person, or at least an Old Timer.

I recently (May, 2000) read Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, which has changed my outlook on work and on life in general.

Currently employed by LexisNexis, where I have been trying to promote Wiki In The Workplace. I wrote my own Wiki variant

(based originally on Ward's code, but now about 7 times as large and with almost none of the original code left) and have used it to create several Project Wiki and Team Wiki sites at work.

(In hindsight what I really should have set up was a Wiki Farm, but that wasn't clear until I had nearly a dozen independent instances of Wiki.) Wiki has been enormously useful to me at work, but my attempts to sell it to others have met with mixed success.

So far, my greatest contributions to the Wiki Wiki Web are an idea for a Wiki Wiki Theme Song, and a semi-doggerel Petrarchan Sonnet in Poem Wiki. I'll try to be more constructive and less Off Topic in the future.

An anecdote about me:

When I was preparing for my oral exams (en route to a PhD), I knew that I would be nervous when the Big Day came. I wanted to lead off with an ice-breaker to quickly dissipate the tension in the room. So I had a T-shirt made up with the following motto on it (which, as far as I know, is original with me):

Logic, logic everywhere, but not a thought to think.

(It helps to know that my major subject was mathematical logic.) This had the desired effect: I walked into the room, the examiners read the shirt, they cracked up, and a friendly atmosphere was established. (And I passed the exam.)

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