Carsten Klapp

December 6, 2001 :
I've enjoyed using Ward's Wiki so much! Now I'm helping out with Php Wiki at Source Forge, check it out.

Things to do

Update links to my homepage self = refactor( #RefactorMyLife

About Me

My Myers Briggs Type Is INxP (INFP formerly INTP)

Sometimes I actually write my own code. My Fear Of Reinventing The Wheel often keeps me searching for existing free code far longer than it (likely) would have taken to reinvent. However, I would rather conclude that current search tools and code-sharing software are grossly inadequate than to admit to having writer's block. Perhaps the study of patterns will help me to write 'adequate' code-sharing software.

Voraciously studying metaphysics and quantum mechanics as a hobby. Unfortunately, according to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it turns out that a universally complete understanding of both metaphysics and quantum mechanics is not possible by a single individual-- it's either one or the other, but never both at the same time. ;-)

I have a background in mechanical engineering which I enjoy, but somehow I'm now doing TheComputerThing instead.

Recent Thoughts...

Wiki Singularity is a WikiD page IfIEverSawOne.

Carsten's Home Page

For my first Wiki Page I just plungedRightIn and created a description for Bi Capitalized based on someone else's idea. Wow this thing is freakin awesome! Wiki really works!


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Hi Carsten, you may want to update your APSL comments in the Wikipedia's Mac OS X history. The OSI and FSF both endorse the 2.0 version of the APSL as a valid license (OSD-certified and "free software" respectively), and say it is okay to use software under their license. The FSF doesn't recommend using the APSL for code you write, but neither does Apple.

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