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This used to be WikiDevelopment. I made it a Category because there now seem to be some more pages of this kind. Progress should better indicate, that this category is about the social development of this wiki. Also it has a positive touch.

There has been repeated interest in the future course and development of this Wiki Wiki.

This is not about features or wiki implementation, but about social aspects mainly.

This page tries to summarize these topics and provides an entry point to them (ordered by appearance as far as I know).

This page was more concrete and proposed solutions to this decline.

This page was created after the Booger Club deletion war was ended by Ward Cunningham in 10/2004.

Extensive Edit Wars by Wiki Bots in 1/2005 led to these pages.

I guess that the source of this increased interest is the repeated occurrences of Wiki Spam and Edit Wars in summer 2004. s/summer 2004/current season/.

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