Chris Dunworth

Hmm. I've been reading this Wiki for many months, and then I finally contributed something, and left my name, which means I have to write something here, I guess.

I write software, like most of you (I presume). And I want to know how to do it the right way. I am not an expert, and stand in awe of those who make the task seem effortless. The discussions here are fascinating, and the sense of community impressive. I hope to contribute more in the future.

Here are some book recommendations, since you should at least get something for reading this page (admittedly a pittance):

Crossing The Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore - Fascinating marketing text (seriously). If you are trying to sell software or other technology, you owe it to yourself to read this. ISBN:

Object Oriented Analysis And Design With Applications, by Grady Booch - As good a place to start learning OOD as I can think of. Strong academic prose. ISBN:

Extreme Programming Explained:
Embrace Change
, by Kent Beck -- Changed my view of software development.

Effective C++ (ISBN:
0201924889) and More Effective C++ (ISBN: 020163371X), both by Scott Meyers - Tips from a guru. If you don't have the privilege of working alongside a guru, these books are the next best thing. For C++, anyway.

Manufacturing Consent:
The Political Economy Of The Mass Media
(ISBN: 0375714499), by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky - Herman and Chomsky gore a sacred cow with their propaganda model. Chomsky scares many people, mostly because he tries to refute preconceptions, a tack which always meets strong resistance (consider the "earth is round" supporters of 1000 years ago). Read with an open mind.

-- Chris

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