Christophe Vermeulen

Hello Wikiers.

I came here through the JOS (JavaOS) site, that seems to work a bit like this one. Then I got interested in Twiki from Peter Thoeny, and I kept refactoring my own Wiki Clone with many of his additions in Twiki. Main reason was that I modified my version for augmented automatic linking. For example RFCxxx would link to RFC archive, a bit like the ISBN links here. Also the edit page would allow to enter an Acronym and generate two pages at the same time, e.g ATM and Asynchronous Transfer Mode. Other improvements include Handling Plurals.

I finally dropped this because of lack of time, change of department, etc. and migrated to Twiki for my new department. Only to be seen on our Intranet, so no link here. You would be bored anyway ;-)

My primary interest now is IPTV, using actually all of the interests I typed here back in 1998 : Java, Security, XML and lots of others.



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