Chuck Smith

I am currently a university researcher in Heilbronn, Germany (near Stuttgart) working for the [ Hochschule Heilbronn < > where I am developing the Wiki Wizard Java applet < > full-time for the JSP Wiki.

I didn't feel like making a webpage with my most frequently visited sites, so I figured I'll just do it on this Wiki.


Spanish websites

German websites

Hi Chuck - thanks for letting me know about your project. Shame it didn't work - any real conclusions drawn from what happened? Why didn't it work? What did you do wrong? What did you do right?

Well, the problem was that the project was done for a grade. Once we got the grade, the inspiration for the project pretty much sizzled out. The biggest problem was simply that my partner and I had very little experience working with Linux and we couldn't learn it fast enough to make the website work like we wanted. -- Chuck Smith

Well, I hope you found it interesting and learned a lot from it, even if it wasn't a success in the traditional sense. Best of luck for your future.

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