David Bennett

My name is David Bennett and I love to build software.

My biggest ever project turned into a company called POWERflex (www.pfxcorp.com ). It's a Fourth Generation Language with Object Oriented features, a language that compiled to an intermediate language long before there was Dot Net or Csharp Language or Java Language. Those guys are clever. Designing and implementing your own Object Oriented Language is really hard. Trust me.

My fascination with Dot Net turned into another company called Monash.Net, now called Readify (www.readify.net ). We do Dot Net training and consultancy.

I also like to build companies. This is not intended as a plug. It's just what I happen to do.

I like thinking, talking, writing and doing: the philosophy of software, architecture, Abstraction And Elaboration, design (all types), Genetic Programming, Design By Contract, Unit Testing, Joel On Software. And a few other things.

I can be contacted at d.b at pfxcorp dot com.

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