Dierk Koenig

I learned to know the Wiki Wiki Web when searching for information about Design Patterns and Extreme Programming.

I work for Canoo Dot Com in Basel, Switzerland Country.

Wiki Quick List: c2.com

We use a local installation of the Wiki Wiki Web with some minor modifications. Out we use our Wiki Wiki Web as

corporate knowledge base

for discussion / feedback on proposals

up-to-date information on "who is where" and current occupations

and even for capturing and management of stories and tasks like in the XP Planning Game

What we found useful:

access wiki through https for ubiquitous but still private usage

synchronize Recent Changes as an offline page with depth 1 for an offline (read-only) version of wiki

send wiki pages via mail for additional "push"es of information

Additionally there is a wiki to provide an interactive help system for Xp Plan It, a tool for capturing the Planning Game.

See original on c2.com