Frank Carver

Frank Carver is a software engineer currently living in Ipswich, England. he has done a variety of other work, though, including three years in the Royal Navy and work as a lifeguard at various swimming pools.

Frank has been designing and writing software since about 1978, when he was introduced to BASIC on an ICL minicomputer and a Commodore PET. He spent some time writing FORTRAN, APL, BCPL and CORAL on a Xerox Sigma-6. He then went to the University of Warwick to study Computer Systems Engineering where he immersed himself in Pascal, C and the new C++ as well the early days of net news. Imagine, it was possible for one person (if dedicated) to actually read all of a days net news.

After a series of computer related employment he now runs a small but successful consultancy (see ) mainly servicing BT Labs at Martlesham Heath. BT Labs has now been renamed (at great cost, I'm sure) "Adastral Park". It's still the same site where a large part of British telecom's computer R&D takes place though.

Frank's top skills include Object-Oriented design and programming in Java and C++.

Frank is also the author of the "Golden Rules of Stress-Free Programming" ( )

(which may also be found as Stress Free Programming here on Wiki) and the Friki Servlet very simple Java Wiki. Frank is also an active moderator and participant at the Java Ranch ( ), and teaches computer courses to teenagers at Suffolk College ( ). As part of his study and teaching at the college he is in the process of building and expanding a repository of his experience and materials at .

Frank is now also looking after and extending a collection of resources and advice for Java web developers at .

Frank may be contacted by email as and his official "home page" is at .

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