Frank Robinson

Hi. I'm Frank Robinson, from San Marcos, Texas. I am a computer science graduate student at Southwest Texas State University.

My courses this fall include Survey of Software Engineering, Database Theory and Design, and Distributed Operating Systems, all at the graduate level.

I am looking forward to conversing with those on the Wiki Web about software engineering and databases.

Aug 30, 2000

I linked here from the Object Oriented page (one of them). As of August 2000, I had roughly 6 months programming experience with QBasic. Since I already had a BS degree, I dove right in to the computer science curriculum. They started us out with C++, because it is "easier to learn than C" and because it can be "object oriented". In the second semester, we got into building classes, which I think is really cool. Later, I took a course in OOP, in which we used C++ and Java. I also had courses in operating systems and networking, which both used the straight C language. There are many merits to C, one being the relative stability of it, and one being that many OSs and systems programs are written in it, so knowing it is a definite plus.

I am finally getting to a point where I don't get 100's of syntax errors on every program, and am looking forward to doing some real development.

I just got a job helping an instructor with a web-based course, using a commercial product called Blackboard. I have a meeting next Tuesday with the Blackboard facilitator.

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