Gennadi Blindmann

Gennadi Blindmann was R&D director at some corparations like: Wiso Soft Com Ltd and Coextant Ltd. His team developed:

1. Multi-touch hardware:

The solutions are flat, curved and spherical; infrared and projective capacitive. Success story: Project "Globe"/"Globus"/"Глобус"

2. Multi-touch software

For Example:
Multitouch menu, Multitouch Earth - interactive Earth, Virtual Enrance, Marine rout navigation and etc.

Our solutions are uniq, highly innovative and unusual. Success story: Applications for "Interactive Globe"/"Multitauch Globus"/"Мультитач Глобус"

3. Multi-touch projects:

Interactive Globe/Multitauch Globus/Мультитач Глобус;

Multitouch menu;

Multitouch Earth - interactive Earth;

Virtual Enrance;

See rout navigation.

Project for his wife, restaurator from Munich :

- Restaurierung und Konservierung historischer, moderner und zeitgenossischer Gemälde, russische Ikonen, Holzskulpturen und Rahmen.

- Реставрация и консервация старинных, модерных и современных картины, икон, деревянных скульптур и рам.

Other projects: Medical and Business: Share Point for Siemens, MAN und Deutsche Post (DHL).

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