Ger Tielemans

Since 1982 active on the edge of computers and education in The Netherlands.

His current project is integrating the open source vle MOODLE in the educational system for 9 public schools in Enschede(NL). This Moodle has eWiki (Erfurt) clever integrated in the vle and allows wiki-format editing in other edit boxes. We tune Moodle for our educational system. We run this system on .

His "Former Fun project" was TeLeTOP (1997-2000) This was a flexible, democratic and a WIKI-easy tool for University WWW courses.

(NOT a WIKI, just a humble layer on top of a Lotus Domino Server.) All our professors (University Twente / NL) can use it with a smile. Visit the demo website and play the role of teacher/designer UN:docent.test PW:docent.test

(There is an Introduction text on the site) I used Swiki successful with secondary school students to create their own travel guide for a trip to Rome (or Loddon) I am looking for teachers using WIki, SWiki & Squeak in educational settings. (Soc. Constr. students projects?)

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