Geraldo Xexeo

I am:


Ph.D. in Computing and Systems Engineering

Electronic Engineer

professor in Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


quite amazed by this Wiki thing

I am interested in:

Software Engineering (long term)

Databases (long term)

Fuzzy Logic (medium term)

Project Management (medium term)

Mobile Computing (recent)

Patterns (recent)

Languages I used and grokked (did some useful programs or large systems):

Portuguese (I grok in portuguese)

English (I can grok in English if I want)

TI-86 programming language, small memory, big engineering problems

HP-28C language

Algol Language - Burroughs - my first real programming language

Pascal Language - Turbo Pascal, Delphi, kind of small Algol

Lisp Language - muLisp, probably no fully grokked now that we have Clos Language

Cee Language - TurboC (since 1.0), BorlandC, Cee Builder, GnuC,

Cee Plus Plus - Cee Builder, GnuC, know nothing about STL though

Actor Language - can you remember this object oriented pascal that imitated Smalltalk?

Awk Language - did some complex text filtering stuff once

Perl Language - for web development

Java Language - just discovering now

Structured Query Language - tool of the trade

Java Script - learn while you play

Post Script - had to do some tricks and plan a course onde - almost a Forth Language

HTML - how to Wikify?

XML - see HTML

Rich Text Format - had to make a 4000 pages document once which could have some small errors after generated to be corrected. Printer was not PS compatible, and anyway it would be difficult to modify by a human being, so I learned RTF and generated a document in it in 18 hours.

Italian - language for eating - yes, eating in Italian makes the food better

8080, Z80 assembler - Z80 assembler was as simple as it could be, but no simpler

Casl Language - nice small Palm Os development environment.

Languages I grokked (learned and toyed around):

HP41CV programming language


Apl Language (and forgot completely)

x86 Assembler

Languages I tried to grok and puked

Visual Basic (but used!)

PDF (not for humans...)

Languages I should have grokked


68000 assembler

Languages I am trying to grok

My GreatBooksListGeraldoXexeo (see below)

I created:

Geraldo: There is a project in here somewhere, and it's a 'for-profit' one! In a world of 'convergence''ve converged. I am hoping we might tag along. Let us know.

Best regards,

-- Ken

Geraldo, don't take it personally if someone modifies your content or removes your signature from something you wrote. Wiki has a different idea of authorship compared to other forums. If someone revises something you wrote, they might remove your signature so others know that it isn't the work of just one person. -- Rob Harwood

Hi Rob! I am actually happy if someone interacts. However, should I sign what I write or not? It seems to me that signing was a Good Thing.

They can be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, depending on your perspective. See Using Signatures for some discussion of it. Sometimes I sign, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I read something I wrote a while ago and remove the signature. I do believe that Document Mode is better than Thread Mode, and I also believe that Document Mode should (usually) present an anonymous document section at the top of the page, but that's just my opinion. It's up to you if you want to sign your contributions, I just wanted to make sure you didn't get offended when I noticed you restored one of your signatures that had been removed.

Fun... I was just signing things I had written before and thought that should be signed. Not even noticed that you had deleted the signature... ;-)

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Geraldo Xexeo's list of great books:

Lord Of The Rings do I need to explain? I am one of the spellbound people around the world, but not a fanatic (I don't speak elven languages and usually forgot parts of the plot). Read twice in portuguese and three times in english.

The Hobbit smaller and easier. More RPG-like also. I already lost three for friends.

Goedel Escher Bach, really enjoyed the holistic versus minimalistic discussion and Artificial Intelligence stuff. Learned about Escher, which I now have 5 books about and really like. Have you ever seen an original Escher stamp (I miss the word for it)? The are amazing.

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and other books by Douglas Adams, but the funniest one is Last Chance To See, describing a travel to see to eight to be extinct species. I actually fell from the bed laughing. well... I used to sleep in a matress in the floor, so it was not something I was afraid of.

Foundation, the trilogy, by Isaac Asimov. Quintessential Sci Fi.

The Art Of Computer Programming... Just learn how to sort things ;-)

The Mythical Man Month converted me to software engineering when I was at University.

Poesia Completa, Fernando Pessoa, well, you must know portuguese to enjoy the greatest modern portuguese poet.

Edgar Allan Poe, complete works.

People Ware, or how telephones are annoying things.

The Gang Of Four book, Design Patterns Book. You must use a pattern to grok it fully, so I keep it just besides me until I really use all.

Structured Programming by Ew Dijkstra. You must read it and think when it was written.

The Acm Turing Award Lectures, 20 incredible good talks.

You are also invited to Book Shelved.

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