Howard Lee Harkness

Welcome to my Wiki Home Page!

I may be reached at, or at the email addresses listed on any of my websites. I have 'wiki' in my whitelist, so please include that in your subject line if you email me.

My "vanity site" is along with my current resume.

In May of 2013, I landed a contract doing embedded systems programming in C/Linux, which I hope will last until at least November 2013. Upon completion of my contract, I will probably seek a similar contract position. Plan B is to expand my violin teaching schedule.

Favorite mode of vacationing:

Favorite leisure activity:
Irish Sessions

Favorite food:
Grass-fed Ribeye (rare, of course), followed closely by smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Favorite OS/Distro:
Linux, Debian 7

I am currently a member of

The New Texas Symphony Orchestra ( The Plano Early Lions Club (

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