Jeff Grigg

Jeff Grigg, CCP

Title: "Senior Technical Integration Consultant"

Certified Computer Professional ( ).

Trained and working in Guidewire PolicyCenter 7.0 Technical Integration.

Certified in Guidewire PolicyCenter 4.0 Technical Integration.

Certified in Guidewire BillingCenter 3.0 Technical Integration.

Certified in Guidewire ClaimCenter 6.0 Technical Integration.

Located in Brea, CA at the moment. Plan to be in Chicago for about a month starting in late January. (Bad time of year to do that; I know. ;-) And then... maybe Paris?!? (We'll see.)

My personal email address is...

J''''''effreyToddGrigg -at- gmail -dot- com


Employed by Guidewire Software, Inc. ( )

a packaged property and casualty insurance insurance software producer. (IE: Car and home/apartment insurance. Think "We produce SAP for insurance companies: It does policy management, billing and claims (instead of accounting). It has a strong supporting architecture that enables us to configure more than customize -- to reduce the cost and risk of upgrading to new versions.)

We replace core systems.

based in California. But I will primarily be traveling to customer sites all over the world to do integration work with their other systems.

[In February and March of 2011: I see that someone is posting under the User Name Jeff Grigg. But they are not me.]

It's the Grammar Vandal.

Somehow, that does not surprise me. -- Jeff Grigg

[In May of 2012, the Grammar Vandal seems to be impersonating me again.]

[June 12th of 2012 -- another impersonator.]

Pages On My Mind:

Nothing much at the moment, really.

Lost (from) My Mind:

Microsoft's LINQ (Language Integrated Query Project) for Dot Net has certainly had my attention for some time.

...particularly wishing that something that powerful could be done in the Java Language.

I just learned from the Java Posse that Anders NorĂ¥s introduced Quaere Library at the Java One conference -- a Language Integrated Query For Java?

Aspect Oriented The Hard Way -- possibly a temporary distraction

Forcing the Kanban System on software development teams is a train crash: Kanban is a manufacturing process improvement tool. Software development is a design process, not a manufacturing process.

the concept of Concept Oriented Programming ;-> It's a Walled Garden. And it seems to lack merit.

Homoiconic Languages -- for a while, mostly to make a completely pointless argument that Java and C# are homoiconic. (Just a little!!! ;-)

Always interested in Testing Framework -- particularly when I add one or need one!

Net Kernel - most interesting, but not Open Source -

Power Shell should be very useful. But how can I integrate it with my JDBC drivers?!? ;-> (We're doing Java here! ;-)

I started programming in 1976, professionally in 1981, most of it being contracting-style engagements, typically about a year on each project.

(3 to 5 years per employer.) Client/server projects have tended to be risky: Even at the end of a successful project, most companies have not (historically) been prepared to start another risky project right away, so I'm often off to greener pastures.

(So call me a mercenary! ;-)

Almost every customer I've worked for has tried to hire me. Some have even succeeded.

I've done a lot of work in C++ on Windows and Unix, with various relational databases. And Visual Basic (Vb Classic) -- mostly with Vb Unit (Vb Unit Three). And lots and lots of other stuff.

(Ask me what I haven't done. I find it easier to answer that question. ;-)

An "NT" on the Myers Briggs test.

( many other programmers.)

January 29, 2004. Jeff, I award you the Barn Star for long persisting in the thankless job of archiving Recent Changes. Thank you! -- Scott Moonen

And another one for being our in-house historian and living memory. -See Wiki History -- Robert Abitbol

Jeff, thank you for your comments about Changes In Month. I think you deserve another star for all the work on VB. Thank you also for giving me a star. I will keep up with the work on Changes In Month. -- John Fletcher.

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