Jim Coplien

James O. Coplien is a research scientist at Lucent Technologies (previously Bell Labs), where he does research on software productivity. He is the author of "Advanced Cee Plus Plus Programming Styles And Idioms", "Software Patterns" and "Multi Paradigm Design for C++", and he wrote a column ("The column without a name") for the now defunct Cpp Report. He was co-editor of the Pattern Languages Of Program Design 1 & 2 books, co-author with Neil Harrison of Organizational Patterns Of Agile Software Development and he is the host of the organization patterns repository at:

Note: this link is live but a lot of the pages underneath go to references such as web.archive.org see also Org Patterns.

He has also been speaker, chair or member of the program committee in many conferences worldwide such as PLOP and OOPSLA. He has recently worked on a new book on multi-paradigm design.

You wrote, of "The Language Instinct":

This is one of five books that I buy in lots because I'm ever giving copies away. -- Jim Coplien

Answer Me: May one ask what the other four are? Thanks.

Jim's stated the whole list somewhere else in Wiki. I know that two are Grief Observed and The Little Prince.

See Great Books About Software for a list that might be the one mentioned. Or perhaps Great Software Books?

It's not there. I did a couple of searches and could not find the list in wiki anywhere.

Hi Jim! During your stay in Brazil for Sugar Loaf Plop, you gave a talk where you defend the idea the software should be written as many authors would write a collaborative book. I argued that most collaborative writings suck. I believe that Wiki community would like to read about your ideas on it. -- Geraldo Xexeo

I believe that Wiki community would like to write your ideas about it ;-) -- Phil Jones

Thanks for Thank The Author. Seriously. That and Silence Means Hostility totally spoke to me. Awwwoo! -- Jonathan Arkell

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