Jo Ca Go

I could have sworn I made this page before.

I am a C/C++//VB.NET//PHP//ASP.NET//TCL/TK programmer. I know, all those languages conflict with each other. I can't help it. My interests vary greatly. For example, I also have held a job as a photographer (albeit for a small, university magazine), and consider myself a writer/philologist. I also have a great interest in science (photonic communication facinates me)and cryptography.

I know what you are thinking.

"Josh, how do you have time for all of those subjects?"

Well, since you asked, I don't. I've had to pretty much give up flying (I guess I forgot to mention that I took flying lessons), and photography. I still write, and program for a career (though I am leaning towards management or Project Management, both of which I currently do as well as programming/designing). This leaves me with *no* time, but I am happy. I think...

By the way, my name is Josh.

You may be interested in Specialization Is For Insects. You're interested in a whole lot, should be right up your alley.

And C/C++/VB.NET/PHP/ASP.NET/TCL/TK don't conflict with each other. They're more or less all in the same family. Common Lisp/Self Language/Java Language/Php Language/Erlang Language/Haskell Language all conflict with each other. ;) -- Jonathan Tang

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