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Any contributions I make are fair refactoring game.


Remember. Every Man and his dog has a blog, but wiki is the way of the future.

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Thanks to the grammar/spelling fairies/gnomes who fix my mistakes!

I have decided that I am actually going to USE the spellchecker, and stop being a lazy SOB.

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Pages that are My Fault

I have listed these pages, so that others can contact me about the massive refactoring (or creations) I have been doing with these pages.


Current Projects x0xd0x, a wiki for the DIY Synthesizer, the x0xb0x: Meditation, a REST API Framework for PHP:

Lessons Learned

Generally, when there is a bunch of wiki-thrashing-around, I have just recently found that it is far easier to let the members of wiki thrash around, and not get involved than to actually try and do something. Duhh. :/ (No good dead goes unpunished. But why can't I get the punishment I want?)

Wiki Idea Box This is a place for me to post my wiki-page ideas before putting them "out there". Open Wiki Graphics lived here for months before I decided to give it wings, and watch it fly.

Auto Pcn Results Feed Builder:

poll Auto Pcn Results every hour

Grab each bullet point, first Wiki Link is the feed name

Wikilinks thereafter are feed Items

full text of page (lotsa bandwidth charges here)or quickdiff of page

hyperlinked to page

Massaged version of the above, with links to quickdiff, color posts, edit page, etc.

Wiki Mail Box Regarding Open Wiki Graphics, there is currently one symbol waiting to join up, so to speak - it currently resides at

Where does it belong? It is sitting in the main Open Wiki Graphics directory currently.

I suggest moving it to the math2 subdirectory, as it's another symbol used in mathematics.


Is there a way you could insert the version number of a page in your version of "posts"?

Not easily. That would take another HTTP request (not a cheap operation by a long shot) and parsing the Apache Directory Index output. No large task, but not Small either.

Welcome - kudos for the facility. We should compete to see whether Auto Pcn or Color Posts gets more traffic. Then again, maybe not.

D00000d, I dig Auto Pcn. In fact, I find the entire concept of external-wiki-apps exceedingly cool. I like the idea of your script reading input from a wiki page, and writing to a different one. That is hella cool. It would be interesting to write a web app that would poll Auto Pcn Results and display the Auto Pcn Results as RSS. This could allow you to subscribe to your own, and other peoples PcnFeeds. I threw up some ideas about this in my Wiki Idea Box

I do not understand RSS - one day I may want someone to explain it to me. I'm a simple mind at heart, er, if you see what I mean ...

RSS itself is actually simple. Really Simple. Really Simple Syndication in fact. The idea is that you provide an RDF XML page (your RSS feed), and people can choose to subscribe to that page. Any time you update your site, your blog, or your whatever, you add an item to the RSS feed. Generally, you can use an off-the-shelf library to generate your rss feed, all you have to be concerned about is what goes on there, and updating the thing. (Generally, RSS feeds are generated through a server-side script.)

On the client side, your RSS reader/news aggregator polls the RSS feed every hour (that is the established convention) and displays the results to you.

The beauty of RSS is that it is not necessarily a strictly client-side thing. Other websites, portals, and even some wiki-engines can subscribe to rss feeds.

Does that help?

Update: I guess I should clarify myself a little. I am not proposing you write this PcnFeeds app, but actually just verbalizing a funky idea. I may write it myself... If I ever get the time.

Another Colour Recent Posts Suggestion

The light blue of the first entry is less than useful; it doesn't convey how old the most recent post is. You might try setting $lastpost[POST_TIME] in displayPosts() to the current system time, rather than to zero.

Done! Thanks again Mark!

Have you seen the other electronic music wiki, Pure Data? ( ) -- David Cary

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