Joseph Yoder

I am currently working on my PhD with Professor Ralph Johnson. I am investigating "visual languages for business modeling". I am designing them, using them, and implementing them. My current focus has been on using frameworks to develop and implement visual languages for use with business modeling. This project is aimed at providing support for decision making during the business process.

I believe that Frameworks are both a way of coming up with visual languages and a way of implementing them, because if you focus on building something in an Object-Oriented language, then building a framework for it, then making the framework composable, and then making a direct manipulation tool for composing applications using a framework, you will automatically discover a visual language.

I am also interested in finding and describing the design patterns in visual languages and business modeling. To support this I am also researching "Domain Analysis and Engineering". This project is being funded by Caterpillar at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

SOMETHING NEW: I am usually too busy to try and update this all the time so if you really want to see the latest about me, go to my web site or look at for more information about what I am up to or involved with today.

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