Joshua Robinson

Justa Programmer, administrator among other insults :) Presently Cee Sharp is my greatest concern.

Living in London Ontario Canada. I've just relocated to London Ontario Canada due to a contract with Bell Canada. I'm very happy about this. Just have to make sure that I can find work there outside of Bell Canada.

Study Buddhism with a lama here:

Most of my life I've been horribly addicted to Worldly Knowledge and Wiki Wiki Web is by far the best place to expound and help with other works that are in constant evolution

Experience with:


Lots of Open Source in the control of domain services

Companies I've worked for (all in Ontario Canada):

Bell Canada


Baldhead Systems

The Canadian Drugstore

Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratories

National Research Council of Canada

Pages I've started and/or heavily edited (oldest first):

I totally dig Category Pattern. I'm designing and writing some ideas to get some of these patterns implemented via Cee Sharp.

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