Leonardo Herrera

Justa Programmer, husband, dad, not necessarily in that order.

Likes: martial arts (kung fu, years ago, interested in -but not practicing- Judo), basketball, snowboard, camping, cooking (mignon, anyone?), red wine, computer games, playing guitar (currently, blues), and, of course, programming.

Dislikes: stupidity, bad intentions.

Technical notes: Lately I've tending towards Software Management. I like to develop small, high tech apps over big, commercial ones. I'm proficient using Cee Language, Cee Plus Plus, Delphi Language, Perl Language, Java Language. Not tied to anyone, though.

My primary language is Spanish, and my english is self taught. That explains the ocassional mispelling or grammar fault.

Oh, my homepage is at leus.epublish.cl . Sorry, spanish only.

Welcome to the Wiki Wiki, no apologies are necessary. This wiki has people from all over the world as regular visitors who share a common interest in topics using the computer languages you mention, the fact that national or cultural languages are different does not seem to impede helpful, meaningful sharing. We try not to be stupid, and try to keep our intentions to the positive side, but occasional slippage occurs.

I echo the welcome. Also, thanks for making little improvements to existing pages. --George Paci

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