Marc Thibault

I am Marc Thibault of Iroquois, Ontario Canada.

I provide business and technical advice, quantitative analysis, plans and designs that help managers and their organizations meet their business objectives.

I'm working on using Monte Carlo Simulation, and other advanced tools for quantifying and managing risk and uncertainty. The intent is to develop realistic and realizable plans for projects that have more than half a chance of meeting their product, budget, and schedule goals.

I wrote my first machine-language program on an IBM 1620 in 1962 and I've been specifying, designing, building and selling systems and software ever since. I have yet to get a call from a customer complaining about a bug in any program I've ever written, and my VCR always does exactly what the book says it should, so I feel pretty confident that functionally error-free software can be built. I'm a fan of EWD.

I don't know the way to the Dilbert Universe; you'll have to find it yourself. If you manage to find your way back, don't tell me about it.

Marc's Law: No manager will make a decision he considers important. Decisions climb the management ladder until they find someone who doesn't care.

My web site is at and I blog The Art Of the Plan at .

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