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Here are some interesting groups....

Gangsta Geeks ...maybe not interesting, but infamous, at least...

Pattern Instructors who've run formal classes

Patterns Miners digging for gold in legacy code

Regular Contributors to these pattern pages

These people are working at academic institutions:

These are industrial R&D people.

Philip Craig Plumlee - next option: computer science.

Thomas Brown

These are industrial R&D people doing software process engineering.

These are industrial R&D people interested in patterns for systems engineering & architecting.

These are Commercial Software and/or Commercial R&D people.

John Table a.k.a Jose Mesa

Nat Ersoz

These folks are just trying to find better ways to help their customers:

Tim Chambers (former software engineer turned program manager)

These are Computer Science students:

Consultants include:


Computer journalists:

People who build websites:

People who randomly changed this Wiki

Caroline Tomas

People who are IT Auditors

GeorgeBTselentis, CISM

Other collaborative people:

Rachael Parsons

Examples of Ordinary People that are Quiet Achievers:

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