Rik Smoody

Rik Fischer Smoody

rik2(at)smoo.com www.smOO.com


NW 16th Av, Vancouver, WA 98685

Available for employment

Head Master of Ki Wi School, extreme education, especially in math and science.

Sometimes do business as smOOdynamics:
helping people use objects.

Sometimes teach OOP at PSU (Portland State U. www.cs.pdx.edu )

or to kids at Saturday Academy www.smOO.com

Math Play for kids at Laurelhurst www.smOO.com

Math Fun for kids at Emerson www.smOO.com:8888

[BTW, the 12 flat pentominoes can be formed into various rectangles, and also a square with a square hole, but it takes quite a lot of patience!]

Past lives have included ...

Tek Labs during the gestation of the Magnolia Workstation.

Preppy, an early Smalltalk application which prepared test programs for IC test hardware developed by Tektronix's Semiconductor Test Systems Group.

Sony Computer Science Lab (www.csl.sony.co.jp ) in Tokyo. Naruhodo, Nihongo dekiru.

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