Robert Di Falco

I am the CTO of products at Tripwire, Inc. Most of my career has been spent working on programming interfaces, class interfaces, and reusable programming assets in general. Today I spend most of my time trying to bridge the gap between a user's mental model of how they want to work and a programmer's implementation model. Most of my recent reading has been around Product Management, IxD, and UxD. Weird places indeed for an engineer to hang out.

You can check out some marketing stuff on the latest version of the product at: . The 7.6 version is currently shipping and I'm pretty excited about it.

Contact Information:

Robert Angelo DiFalco

Portland, OR 97204

Some recent books I've liked:

How To Create Products Customers Love
-- Marty Cagan

An Underachiever's Diary -- Benjamin Anastas

Intelligent Information Agents -- Matthias Klusch (Ed.)(highly-recommended)

High Performance Cluster Computing (Volume 2) -- Rajkumar Buyya (highly-recommended - especially the chapters on Tuple Space and Concurrency in Java)

Information Warfare and Security -- Dorothy Denning

Some of my favorite books are:

Full of Life -- the one and only John Fante

Complexity :
The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos
-- M. Mitchell Waldrop

Working with Objects -- Trygve Reenskaug

Object-Oriented Software Construction -- Bertrand Meyer

Software Reusability :
Applications and Experience (Acm Press Frontier Series)
-- Ted J. Biggerstaff Editor (specifically the chapters by Joseph Goguen)

Object-Oriented Software Engineering :
A Use Case Driven Approach
-- Ivar Jacobson

Object-Oriented Design with Application -- Grady Booch

Applying UML and Patterns -- Craig Larman

Rise & Resurrection of the American Programmer -- Edward Yourdon

Component Software - Beyond Object-Oriented Programming -- Clemens Szyperski

Some of my favorite music is:

Wolfe Parade

Elliot Smith

Arcade Fire

Devandra Banhart

Bright Eyes

Jolie Holland

Nick Drake

Modest Mouse

Neutral Milk Hotel

Tom Waits

Charles Mingus

June of 44

Ornette Coleman


Charlie Parker

Thelonious Monk

Built to Spill


Sonic Youth


Billie Holiday

Nina Simone

Captain Beefheart

Mozart (especially Great Mass in C Minor and The Requiem)

Bella Bartok

Some of my Pages

Cpp Utx Overview -- my very first contribution to Wiki

Generalize On Exception Behavior -- needs to be shortened

Blocks In Java -- get rid of redundant sections on Internal Iteration

Compute Server -- Associative Memory idiom, nasty, but at least I started it. Should probably clean up and use one of the Category Pattern Form entries.

Great Design -- I liked this one

Pages I don't want to forget to keep working on....

Communal Development -- just a little refactoring

Inherited Java Singleton Problem -- Wayne Conrad and I, at some point, will try to put this into Document Mode.

Cpp Utx Overview -- mine for the Restricted Compositeinto pattern format and onto their own pages (this is a composite that does not have the collection interface in the Leaf components)

Design Patterns -- find non-Gang Of Four patterns on Wiki and reference the appropriate Topic (i.e. Category Structural Patterns, Category Behavioral Patterns, or Category Creational Patterns) -- s**t, shouldn't have made these plural!!

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