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Tom Crossland is an independent consultant specializing in systems integration for Telecommunications Companies. In his spare time (a dubious phrase if ever there was one), Tom is a closet techie, with interests including Artificial Intelligence, Mountaineering, the Linux Operating System and Security.

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And now for something Completely Different


It cheers to me that the association of escepticos has sent to him to prove that my rat does not have psiquicos powers

Demas simpson does not leave much by their experience like members the jury in the judgment of o.j..

It cheers to me that it has come.

Fast. This late I must discredit a new inventor.

This is what it means:

I'm glad that the Sceptics Association sent you to check that my rat doesn't have psychic powers

The others don't get out much after their experience as members of the jury in the O.J. Simpson trial

I'm glad you came

Quickly. This afternoon I have to discredit a new inventor.

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Can extreme programmers really read that small?

I'm glad you enjoyed my little essays on Hive Mind and Collective Intelligence. -- Sunir Shah

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