Walden Mathews

Mean Programmer seeking work. My main areas of expertise are in middleware and messaging frameworks, but lately I think I'm starting to grok the Web. On the scale defined by Daniel Jackson's "thinkers" and "tinkers", I gravitate toward the former, which means I take more delight in "nailing the problem" than in just getting something to work. Armchair etymologist, formal modeler, senior project irritant. Don't hire me unless you mean it.

Okay, I'm not seeking work anymore, so youse can all stop with the mouth watering job offers. Thank you.

-- Walden


Collaboration Leads To Half Finished Work is better renamed to the page name you have suggested. I agree collaboration has nothing to do with success or failure. Please rename that page with my full support.

The stiff-witted and academic seem not to comprehend that it is entirely possible to be ironic and sincere at the same instant; that a knowing tongue in cheek does not necessarily preclude an affectionate glow in heart. -- Tom Robbins

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