Alejandro Goyen

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I am a Computer Science graduate student at Universidad Catolica del Uruguay (South America). I worked on my master's thesis on XP together with my research partner Ariel Erlijman. We were particularly interested in researching existing problems and known solutions in XP implementation. Please visit Extreme Programming Implementation Issues for more information.

You can reach me at agoyen (at) gmail (dot) com

Alejandro, I don't know how to use the references to the egroups that are listed under the various Extreme Programming Implementation Issues pages. Perhaps something like the full address would be easier to navigate. Example:


This sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that when you follow the thread in email form (via Digest), the message numbers are enumerated differently. There is no correlation between the message number on the web and the digest number+new msg number you receive via email. Alejandro Goyen

Not everybody gets the digest, and there's no way to access the digests online. Not everyone subscribes, and so they would not be able to follow the digest references, though they would be able to follow the online message references.

We are working on translating all Digest numbers to URLs. Extreme Programming Testing Private Methods is an example. Alejandro Goyen

At Xp Agile Universe Two Thousand Three you have given a presentation about agile projects and experiences at Microsoft: is it available somewhere? Thx -- Piergiuliano Bossi

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