Chris Garrod, Chris Garrod is a retired geek, one of The Humble Programmers, and was the Minister of Networks at the Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics He wandered in here in late March of Y2K and after he CorrectedTypos successfully, he became hooked on wiki. Later that year, the Operating System Plan Nine From Bell Labs was released as Open Source! Both vie for his attention. Plan9 often gets the lion's share.

20090822 several of the links below are Broken Links due to some conflicts at my former workplace. Resolution is still not on schedule. Chris is working to resolve both conflicts.

If you haven't looked at Extreme Programming Roadmap yet, you haven't learned why most of us are here. It may have kept me from many of my (more than) tangential pages that are not as extreme.

These are some useful BookMarks for Chris Garrod - I keep them here because is the shortest URL I can remember.

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Go Language -- a new fast compiling language from Rob Pike now at Google

what's unread in my InBox I became a Quick Changes Junkie, but not every day. I should look at Recent Changes to make sure my User Name is set. I should keep my page more up to date at this URL. 20130601 just found again. is what I'm doing today -- my wiki based on code from this wiki since 20000405 -- see my RcsLog at work I contribute to a wiki for system administrators

news:comp.os.plan9 -- Plan Nine From Bell Labs is another Open Source Operating System from the Inventors Of Unix et alia The Plan9 folks built their own wiki! I think the Plan9 folks are excellent Extreme Programmers - I am pleased that they reinvented the wiki for themselves I edit the wikipedia and translate pages into Swedish -- They awarded me my Ten Year pin last spring.

I recently became Linked In at Another place to Share Bookmarks 20071009 I joined FaceBook and suddenly had 51 friends My wife and I have become hooked on the , and play almost every twelve hours a new URL I'm trying to put my wiki back on line Date Stamp 20120503 a mobile app to bookmark the beach where I BodySurf and PlayVolleyball

I once resurrected my wiki from a disastrous deletion by a now retired Cow Orker. Most of My Wiki came back online at , but then I was laid off into retirement, and still lack a website that is online all the time.

20070912 My wiki's most recent upgrade is that it now does Tab Delimited Tables, simply by treating every line with tabs in it to be part of a table. If a line has the same number of tabs, it's part of the same table. Look at , which is the raw /usr/share/file/magic from MacOsX 10.4.10, I did no massaging at all, it's sprinkled with tables and other stuff that ought to look better with a

 but did not need it.
Other manufactured tables are at:  or 

Other places where he has been (noted here so we can Fix Your Wiki or Our Wiki - That's fixed like a car, not fixed like a cat ;-)

Spaces Between Words:
They aren't there in Wiki Words -- Zen Koan

Operating Systems:
Why do they have to keep getting bigger? 9grid at

Plan Nine From Bell Labs:
Open Source complete download including binaries for the x86 is only 65Mbytes! Check out the new simpler security model: It has been completely Re Factored

Inferno Developers:
The Inventors Of Unix went on to invent Plan9, and Inferno, and now some are at Google

Gnu Make:
My most powerful assistant is invoked by cron dozens of times every day

What Is Refactoring:
a wonderful hint from the wiki

Html Tables:
Tab Delimited Tables are the simplest objects understood by both man and machine - Of course, machines understand nothing but sometimes they do the right thing anyway.

Hai Ku:
I have contributed occasionally, but it's probably not worth the click

Keyboard Claws:
A compendium of those things like Ctrl Alt Delete

---- Book List: See Book Shelved:

978-0-06-170971-5: What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis

everything by Steig Larson Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ...

0-201-83595-9: The Mythical Man Month 20th anniversary edition (1995)

1-57398-013-7: Lions Commentary on Unix 6th Edition -- Loved it -- from the days back when Real Unix was Open Source

The Practice Of Programming

The Awk Programming Language one of the Skinny Books

the Plan Nine 3rd Edition documentation set

Unix Relational Database Management

----- I have invited the following people to's wiki: Welcome Visitors Jacob Cohen Eric Scott Hal Skelly Robert Bullard Steve Piper Allan Sauter Drew Schaffner David Smith Robert Martineau Kevin Wulff Brent Gilmore 20010119 Mark Kessler 20010302 Christine Campbell Ralph Lewin 20010517 Don Garrod 20010615 Norman Barth 20010619 Wm Seffens 20010803 Crispin Hollinshead 20010830 Patrick Russo 20010919 Peter Shearer 20010920 Mike Sanford 20131117 I spoke with him today. 20010921 Davis Thomsen 20011004 Jasper Konter 20011012 Wayne Chen 20011213 George Backus 20020104 Robert Parker Rob Newman 20020424 Kent Lindquist 20020628 Debi Kilb 20020803 Steve Wandel 20030507 Mike Mc Clune 20031002 Kristoffer Walker 20031107 Ev Bingham 20040415 Phoebe Underwood 20040729 Nancy Bachman 20050322 Davis Thomsen 20051014 Sofia Akber 20061101 Brent Wheelock 20061212 Stuart Borthwick 20080403 Jill Pearse 20080605 Jeff Bytof 20090127 Adrien Arnulf 20090415 Ethan Soutar Rau 20090506 Paul Panarese

You may wonder what the cryptic looking numbers above are. It's a pattern I have been using since the late 1990s, and with it I am y10k compliant! See -- Broken Link

I prefer this format over ISO 8601:1988 since it has less punctuation, and can be parsed as a single number: 20061005.22070807 especially in a 64 bit environment.

I have designed a new pattern, which is as uniquely recognizable as my Date Stamps above: see if you can guess what this is: 32.82541nw117.22279 ??

Not a bad pattern at all. It is a geographic coordinate, so precise that I was able to determine the precise location to be a home of an identifiable married couple. The Internet does not provide much privacy.

My wife probably thinks that it's too precise. Don't tell her. She surfs elsewhere.

---- Your comments are welcomed and occasionally responded to: Wiki Mail Box 20070302 I did a bunch of refactoring - or just turning blue of Date And Darwen -- I haven't read them yet, I'm just getting ready to. Other comments are welcome. My refactoring fingers are tyros.

8/2/2007 = 0.001993 8-2-07 = -1 8-2-2007 = -2001

With those delimiters, computers DoTheMath. 20070802.2110 ckg

20070808: 8-8-2007=2000 (Of y2k fame) 8-8-07=-7 8-8/7=0 8/8/2007=0.0004982 Tonight James Gosling lamented the Calendar Api and the complexities that historians demand. I think my Date Stamps are good enough for anything in the Unix Epoch and perhaps another API needs to be invented.

20070817 Computers do the math when they see delimiters like - and /

8/17/07 = 0.067227 8/17/2007 = 0.0002344 8-17-07 = -16 8-17-2007 = -2016

20080119 another example

1/19/2008 = 0.0000262 1-19-08 = -27 1-19-2008 = -2026

20080209 another example

2/9/2008 = .0001106 2-9-2008 = -2015 2/9/08 = 0.02777777... -- isn't it curious that many often keep the leading zero on the year? 2-9-08 = -15 20080328 Do the math: just home from Europe: 28/3=9.33333..... 3/28=0.1071428... 20080808 BeijingOlympics 8/8/08=0.125 8-8-08=-8 8/8/2008=0.000498 20080905 Convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade with these 9/5=1.8 5/9=0.55... 2008-11-07=1990 2008/11/7=26.078 11/7/08=0.1964.. 8/11/08=0.09090909... a repeating decimal and a palindromic date if you drop the 0 2009/1/30 = 66.966... 2009-01-30 = 1978 2009/07/01 = 287 2009-07-01 = 2001 ArthurC.Clarke isn't that a spooky thing for it to be? 2009/11/26 = 7.024 2009-11-26 = 1972 Happy Thanksgiving 2009/12/09 = 18.6 = 2009/09/12 2010/7/4 = 71.79 2010-7-4 = 1999 7/4/10 = 0.175 20100704 = 2^5 * 13 * 211 * 229 July2010 has 4 PrimeDays: 20100709 20100713 20100719 and 20100721

Let's stop letting computers do the math when that's not what we intend. It is a pattern -- Yyyy Mm Dd.Hh Mm Ss: a point in Non Relativistic Time -- after all, and that's why many of us came here. Or what the rest of us are learning still...

20131023 I have a new home computer! Moby replaces Minnie. 2013/10/23 = 15.4846

From another pattern: 33nw117 -- Lat Lon

20100718.094 new wireless network connection being rerouted and built at home.

20100728 the new net works, allowing Plan Nine From Bell Labs to run the Abaco Browser, but it cannot seem to post to this wiki.

20100922.1317 LaJollaLibrary

20101003 Chris Garrod tried to put this into Hello World In Many Programming Languages, but that page kept being reverted by What a deterrent to editing. In my ten years at this wiki, this is the first time my changes have been attacked by a robot. Recent Changes discourages me from participation here. Hello World in Scala is discussed in several steps on this page:

println("Hello, world, from a script!")

Chris, the spoofing is so widespread that most regulars don't use the User Name at all. Thank you for the contribution on Clifford Algebra. I try very hard to concentrate on making some contribution here and ignore as much as possible of the noise. -- John Fletcher

Chris, I have put your contribution of Hello World for Scala Language back into Hello World In Many Programming Languages in the hope that it will stay there this time. I have not signed it - you may care to do so. My interest in Scala Language has been aroused by the new page Deprecating The Observer Pattern. -- John Fletcher

Your comments are welcome here, please add them near the bottom. Correct spelling everywhere. Please annotate your comments with your Real Names Please and a Date Stamp Yyyy Mm Dd, Thanks!

--- 2013/11/17 = 10.764705 Slash tells the computer to divide.

2013-11-17 = 1985 Dash means to subtract.

20131117 Who knew that this Date Stamp was a Prime Number? My mother died this morning. Mourning. Move along, these are not the droids you are looking for...

20140113 Dash means subtract: 2014-01-13 = 2000 Slash means divide: 2014/1/13=154.92 1/13/14=0.0055

Chris, did You see my question here?: --Manorainjan Holzapfel 15.10.2014 (now, what will the computer do with dots? ;-)

20141026 not till today. Looking into it now... Happy Halloween. Dots? First dot represents end of integer, decimal portion continues ... second dot breaks the lexer, ends the number, acts like an end of sentence, and perhaps another integer continues. Your above may lex like: 15.10 and 2014 -- at least you recognized that the 2 was the Most Significant Digit.

2014-10-26 = 1978 that was a good year. 2014/10/26 = 7.75... 10/26/2014 = 2e-5 10/26/14 = 0.275

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