Dave Voorhis

The pursuit of complexity is easy [...] but the pursuit of simplicity is one of the most difficult and challenging activities of the human mind.

-- C.A.R. Hoare (http://www.oberon2005.ru/classics/th1975.pdf)

Dave's Law of Computational Inevitability: For every hard limit n, there exists at least one valid requirement for n + 1.

...is proud to be Justa Programmer with over thirty years experience developing Systems Software, games and business applications in Basic Language, Assembly Language, TSO CLIST, PL/I, OS/360 JCL, Ex Base, Pascal Language, Forth Language, Cee Language, Cee Plus Plus, Apl Language, Statistical Analysis System, Sql Language, Delphi Language, Php Language, Java Language, Java Script, Tutorial Dee and Cee Sharp for Apple Ii, MVS/TSO, DEC VAX/VMS, Ms Dos, Unix Operating Systems, and Microsoft Windows.

...knows that programming is -- at its best -- a beautiful and skilled craft, composed of equal parts mathematics, science, technology and art.

...believes the Relational Model and Object Oriented Programming are complementary, not contradictory.

...is the maintainer of the Rel Project. Rel is a Relational Language; the first to implement Tutorial Dee including Date And Darwens Type System.

...created an experimental Graphical Programming Language on the Java Language platform called Tomato. See tomatoide.sourceforge.net

...was a founding partner of Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. (www.armchair.mb.ca ), a small but successful Canadian computer consultancy specialising in bespoke (custom) software.

...lectures on database systems, programming languages, distributed computing, Web development, and assorted other technical subjects at the University of Derby (www.derby.ac.uk ) where he leads the undergraduate Computer Science scheme and is the BSc. (Hons) Information Technology programme leader.

...is (sloooowly) working on a PhD in distributed systems. In particular, Dave Voorhis seeks to facilitate automated dynamic optimisation of mobile code and data location by applying abstractions like the Relational Model and Extended Set Theory to computer networks.

...wrote and maintains the Shark Bot.

... Thank You Dave ...

And Thank You for supporting my efforts!

...was born in the United States, grew up in Canada, and lives in England.

...can be reached via email. Either will work:

d dot voorhis at derby dot ac dot uk

voorhis at armchair dot mb dot ca

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