David Chess

I am Currently hacking Autonomic Computing and emergent security phenomena at IBM Watson Research, but was formerly very into Computer Mediated Communication stuff. See the Home Page, at www.research.ibm.com , or the personal site at www.davidchess.com .

I wandered by Wiki some months ago and thought it looked cool but complicated. For some reason today (March 10, 1999) it looks cool and perfectly straightforward. So I've been fiddling around adding an ISBN here, fixing a typo there. Maybe I'll even read the main flow of the conversation, and finally understand what this here Design Patterns stuff is all about!

Funnily enough, speaking of Append Only mode and all, the other day we were sitting around at lunch and someone (maybe me) said "ya know what'd be cool? It'd be cool to put up a Website and give the whole Net write access to it, and just let people add stuff and mess with existing stuff at will." The general reaction, of course, was "yeah, sure that would work!"

But here we are...

I'm now (April, 1999) running a little internal Wiki-like site, using original Perl code whose function is inspired by the Wiki Wiki Web, for a sort of informal internal task-force of technical people.

(A vague outline of some of the functions is available at c2.com in Wiki Base.) It's going reasonably well, although I'm not sure we have critical mass yet, and some of the participants are having a hard time getting used to the Wiki style. But at least it's a change of pace!

(Why doesn't Wiki Wiki Web have a "Preview" button on the editing page?)

In the "small world" category, I will note in passing that Davis Foulger and I once worked together (I think I was even his manager once). I'm grateful and sorry that I missed the broo-ha-ha that he caused here. *8)

What's your email address? Is there any way I can get my hands on your personal Wiki thingie? -- Phil Goodwin

A little browsing around the Web sites listed above would have found various email addresses. Best is probably chess@us.ibm.com. My own Wiki-like code isn't particularly available, and I'm not sure how useful it would be to anyone but me. If you think it would be wildly useful to you, let me know and I'll see if IBM will give me permission to give it away. -- David Chess

See original on c2.com