David Cymbala

The material I have put here is a 'work in progress' that could use some reactions from folks interested in patterns and so on. I must admit that I am new to writing patterns, but I'm giving it the old college try.

I have a background in biology, even though I program and design software professionally in the financial sector over the past decade or so. If you are interested in complexity theory as applied to genetics that crosses over to software systems, check out:

My regular home page is:

I am building up a pattern language that has a biological kind of feel to it. Here are the patterns in it:

Complexity Surfing: (?? hmmm...better name?)

{Something about building your own constraints}

Additional Pages that just play out ideas:

Other ideas that need to be filled out:

Related Pages:

Train Hard Fight Easy (not mine, but it fits in...'internal' fighting?)

Train Hard Play Easy (a little blurb I wrote...the page was already there)

Beginnings of something interesting....:

{ Related Meta-Pattern topics }

(Does Meta Pattern apply? Also, afaik, Pattern Language Pattern remains yet to be written. --Falk Bruegmann)

The subtlety of what each pattern language communicates is still emerging

as new pattern languages are being written. Are we even ready to start

writing a Pattern Language Pattern? Perhaps someone just has to

be bold enough to start with something that pattern language authors

can react to. --David

Unix Shell Patterns:

Unix Shell Patterns (some nice ideas for script writers from Jim Coplien, et al. Soon to be added to on another page.)

Incremental Unix Shell Development (I'll be filling this out soon)

More to come soon...

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