David Escala

David Escala has been trying to develop software in hostile Mountain People environments. He thinks Agile Processes and Extreme Programming can help his team turning to a Forest People environment.

He uses Ez Publish, Php Unit, Enterprise Java Beans, Web Logic, Web Services, Cruise Control, Canoo Web Test, My Sql, Concurrent Versions System, Apache Tomcat, Java Unit, Apache Httpd, ... and a handful of other technologies, but technology doesn't matter anyway.

He lives in Vilafranca del Pened�s, near Barclona, Spain. Home page www.geocities.com

Isn't funny to talk about oneself in third person?

Current interests

I am starting up Ingent Grup Systems www.ingent.net

David, the Mountain People/Forest People pages are Cul De Sacs (if cross-linked, they'd form a Walled Garden). Can you make them a Good Entry Point to the Wiki Wiki Web? Is it ok now?

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