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A Wiki Engine that is completely self-contained - it includes its own HTTP server, and so does not require CGI support, Perl, or even a separate Web server such as Apache or IIS. Also, apropos of recent discussions, it does not use a database to store the Wiki pages, but instead uses a separate file for each page (which is simply a text file containing the content of the page). Another unique feature of Eddies Wiki is that it is not a script like most wikis - it is an actual application coded in Visual C++.

The first Wiki Server (Eddie's Wiki Server) was developed by Eddie Edwards around 1997


But slower in doing things, what happens in Eddies Wiki in fractional seconds takes from 5 to 20 seconds in Easy Wiki! Try listing All pages in both. This will demonstrate what I mean. Ease of installation (questionable) is trumped by performance measures in my book.

There's a semi-official site at www.wikiserver.org - which runs the improved (based on the original) version by Ryan Norton.

[Note to the owner of wikiserver - thanks, and keep an eye on this page.]

Similar software (a wiki engine self contained in an executable) now seems to be emerging.

The 6 versions of Wiki Server

Six versions of Eddies Wiki are available, listed here by date of creation, starting with the earliest.

Note that all Eddies Wiki versions except Elreys Wiki Server are public domain with source available (Eddie's is postcardware - he asks new users of it to e-mail him). Click on the name of the distribution for a location to download.

Eddies Wiki V0.95, V1.00 -- Maybe more for historical interest than practical use. Available at www.tinyted.net . Eddie has not changed these since March 2000.

Elreys Wiki Server - A version based on Eddies Wiki 1.0 that added a ton of features, some only partially implemented. Is not in active development (last changed July 7 2004).

Eddies Wiki V1.1 beta -- Lots of ambitious and partially-implemented ideas and some implemented ones too. Available also at www.tinyted.net . Eddie has not changed this since May 2003. Development seems to have ended for all practical purposes (as of July 3 2004).

Michel Van De Weterings Wiki Server - Otherwise known as Michel's mods to Eddies Wiki. Many good mods to Eddies Wiki 1.1 beta. Not in active development (last changed August 8th 2004).

Wx Wiki Server - Includes all features of all Eddies Wiki versions except Elreys Wiki Server, and even supports some features of Elreys Wiki Server. In addition, supports all the features that Use Mod does. As of version 1.5.8 supports Mac OSX and *nix varieties also (although it requires building it on non-windows platforms). Is in active development (last version April 23 2005). Available also at www.wikiserver.org .

From Eddie Edwards' original introduction (of historical relevance only):

Eddies Wiki is a C++ program implementing the bare bones of HTTP/1.0 and providing a Wiki Wiki Web for WIN32 environments. I have run it at two jobs (including this one) and it has been reasonably popular for note sharing, although I try to send people to this site to try and "get" the Wiki Nature.

The parser is an ugly clump of char* dealings, which means the STL isn't needed. As Win Sock is used, however, my attempts at Platform Independence are rather shallow, and I just look like a hacker. I can assure you, I am not. ;)

I am currently working on Wiki2, an uberWiki which tries to both (a) keep the Wiki Nature and (b) enable average users to update their websites from any web browser in the world. Work is going slowly, however.

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