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I hope you'll check out . It's a wiki'd version of DMOZ. Gets around all the waiting of "editors" that plagues DMOZ. And I've got some new Expert Guides to the Internet at .

Random thoughts:

The idea of a frontpage hosted wiki is intriguing.

The spell checker on this system is nice. Probably it should be made to understand crunched page names, and common words like "Wiki". But then again, maybe not.

I have been playing with wikis since 2001. (And with MOO hosted virtual environments with Web interfaces since 1994). I have a wiki at [ Chat11]. I play over at and at [ wikipedia].

Some FPWiki bugs (or nonexistent features) that I have found:

Trying out the system.... GarnetRChaney I wonder why the above didn't become a link?????

Trying again with: Garnet Chaney

AHA! The system doesn't like multiple capital letters in a row squeezed together. It doesn't like something that ends in a capital like GarnetR either...

This system doesn't accept pipe link syntax, such as [[|Garnet R. Chaney]].

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[Never mind all that - we need better pictures of that beautiful grey and white cat of yours!]

I agree... I sure wish I could take some more pictures of her. Katya died a couple of years ago while I was in Bulgaria. And just the other day I had to let the vet put to sleep my oldest cat, Bobo... But I still have three cats, and they are getting lots of extra attention. My favorite cat I brought back to USA from Bulgaria, her name is Monkey. You can see her here with her favorite pet from last year, Ms. Feng Shui. We're now waiting to see if any of Ms. Shui's egg sacks will hatch.

OK... I've been bold and refactored these to their own pages:

You mention Bulgaria a lot. What takes you there?

I started going there in 2000, after they got things under control to the point where the mafia wasn't just grabbing people off the street. (I heard this was happening just a couple of years earlier.) I was taking a lot of computer projects there for programmers to work on. After I quit working for that employer, I went over on my own and spent a lot of time there in 2001. (That's when I first started playing with Use Mod Wiki software.) I mainly spent time in Sofia, but I also went a lot to Bourgas, a couple of times to Varna, and also visited the Rhodope mountains in southern Bulgaria, near the town of Devlin, which is famous for it's bottled water. I also travelled to Istanbul, and put together a photo essay of shopping at the Grand Bazaar, . I also took a train from Sofia to the Ukraine, to visit the cities of Kiev and Kharkov.

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