Jason Nocks

This is just a quick Home Page about Jason Nocks.

President of Source Xtreme, Inc. An advocate of Extreme Programming and Free Software / Open Source Software.

Jason started a Bliki at wiki.sourcextreme.org

This and other free resources are available at wiki.sourcextreme.org .

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Jason has been learning and trying to adopt Test Driven Development and Extreme Programming practices since the year 2000, after first hearing about Refactoring and later attending a presentation by Uncle Bob at the Software Development 2000 East conference.

It occurred to me the other day that we don't have a place where Successful XP projects can be documented and publicized. So, I started the page, Successful Xp Projects. Please contribute examples that you are willing to share.

Thanks, Jason Nocks.

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Xml Test Suite (I've written one in the past for a client, I'd like to see more use as an Acceptance Test framework rather than for Unit Tests. IMHO, there's not nearly enough emphasis on making it easier to write Acceptance Tests)

Note: I like signing my comments as follows: Cheers, -- Jason Nocks

That gives the unfortunate impression that you always have a drink to hand.

Well, that may be where the term is often used, but I wouldn't say that the meaning is limited to that situation. And why is that an unfortunate impression?

Haha! Exactly. I too use "cheers" for "farewell". It's more of a British-inspired thing and not very common in America, so it usually provokes some light-hearted discussion. But if they insist on picturing me with a drink, make it a Cabernet, and forget my fuzzy slippers, a silk robe, and an imported cigar. Jason, thanks for your refactoring of Open Source Communism. I especially liked how you organized the the page to which you moved the discussion, and gave it an introduction and an explanation for the refactoring. Thanks. -- Carlos Ns Rodrigues

No problem. Funny stuff. Hmm, maybe it's really an indication that I need to join Wikiholics Anonymous... Cheers, -- Jason Nocks

Re your quick navigation links: you might consider Auto Pcn.

Cool! Thanks, I thought I remembered reading about that somewhere, but had forgotten where. I'll most likely try that out soon!

You are now registered for the Auto Pcn system.

Thank you. Auto Pcn is very cool. Cheers, -- Jason Nocks

Note that Jason Nocks is aware that a single newline does not break a paragraph.

Jason, I deleted your Stage Magician page because it didn't say much. The Sleight Of Hand page is interesting, though. -- Elizabeth Wiethoff

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