Jeff Mc Kenna

Jeff founded McKenna Consulting Group and MCG Software Inc. many eons ago. He is now the founder of a new consulting group called Agile Action.


Jeff has started his own new venture, .

After a nineteen year journey, mostly in the Northwest, he and Cory have circled back to live in Silicon Valley.

As of 4/28/09 Jeff was a Fellow at Serena Software with the role of Chief Agile Evangelist. His blog is at

In May 2011 Jeff returned to Agile Action and does training and coaching in agile with an emphasis on Scrum.

McKenna Consulting Group was the business arm for Jeff Mc Kenna. After a long run, Jeff has finally decided to let the company name go along with the web site.

Founded by Jeff Mc Kenna, MCG Software, Inc. is an incubator for object products. The primary product was OTF, a testing framework for Smalltalk Language. Jeff has stopped work on OTF but does still support it. I have taken the site down but I will still answer any questions about OTF. When Smalltalk has another resurrection...

Jeff is a great guy, source of deep wisdom, and fabulous drinking partner. He has been consulting for longer than I've been programming, and we share the dubious honor of having commuted to the Silicon Valley from Boulder Creek. -- Kent Beck

For anyone interested in XP, I suggest contacting Jeff for a day's introduction. His presentation is fun and educational, and nearly convinced our staunchest critic. :-) -- Bruce Horn

Here I am today with Eric Remick.

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