Olivier Rey

All men are forced to act helplessly according to the impulses born of the modes of material nature; therefore no one can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment.

Bhagavad Gita, 3-5

About me

More than 15 years in IT in all positions (from developer to CIO), mostly in France with some projects in Taiwan, Australia, US, England and Germany.

IT is a passion of mine: programming languages, patterns, architecture and abstract thinking about ways to avoid errors, if can be. Must be a geek.

Psychology is also a great asset to try to figure out what's going on in an IT project or in the unconscious mind of a corporate.

I learnt Lisp quite recently. Still fighting with macros (with On Lisp famous book).

I know quite well the usual issues of the high end distributed transactional systems and the middleware issues attached to them.


twitter.com (provocative aphorisms)

I am sometimes a Wiki Gnome and I like to order things in a Category Category. Cf. Wiki Maintenance. Yeah, well depends if I get caught or not by the awful Shark Bot.

I used to use the identification cookie but this cookie was used by other people (for fun?). From now on, I will use the standard Internet path:

At home: atoulon-552-1-43-70.w92-133.abo.wanadoo.fr

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Pages created or significantly modified

Pages to create? (search before to ensure they don't already exist)

Definition Page: It Legend as a category ?

Organization Anti Pattern: Secret Cracy and Mystero Cracy: definition done on the Crypto Cracy page but the concept are very interesting developing | Ignored Hierarchy which is quite common too or the Do What You Want syndrome

To do

Dual Project Management: write the page with the appropriate template

Fungible Project Manager: write the page with the appropriate template

Smoke And Mirrors to move in the development Anti Pattern section

Remove Category Draft (one page probably still have it)

Empire Building: review and structure

If It Is Working Dont Change: review it to comment on the management defending that option.

Performance Management: see what we can do about it.

Copy And Paste Programming: add the fact that some software companies are selling code to be manipulated almost only by cut and paste.

Job Keeper: to develop

Ambiguous Viewpoint: page to restructure, bridge between Development Anti Pattern and Management Anti Pattern

Not Invented Here: separate the discussion and comment with personal samples of this logic that can be extreme some time.

Continuous Obsolescence: illustrate with a sample from the maritime industry

Fire Drill is a Management Anti Pattern: reshuffle the page. Categories OK.

Inappropriate Technical Objective: review and detail with the appropriate template.

Dont Reinvent The Wheel is not existing and could be a Best Practice while Reinvent The Wheel exists and is not really an Anti Pattern.

Never Listening Manager: to be done but is it really an Anti Pattern?

Complete page Fourteen Points with the list of points and a possible interpretation on the IT project context (XP or not).

Comments and ideas

1. Anti Patterns are related to corporate culture. The fact that their use is often considered as the right thing to do whereas it obviously fails is an indication of the management type of the company. Very often, the Anti Pattern use is unconscious, as is the fact that it doesn't work. Some people have the feeling that this is how the work should be performed => Psychological aspect of Anti Pattern to work on?

2. There is a crucial need for an IT training directed to CEOs. The objective would be for them to have correct Mental Patterns to be able to judge the basics of some IT issues:

Will I develop internally or buy an off-the-shelf solution?

What are the main IT functions? How does it work?

What is architecture? I will work on that in the next future to see what can be done with that. IT is too young an industry to be clearly understandable by CEOs.

3. Connect the It Legend concept to the Self Sealing Beliefs? Hmmm. Need to think about it.

4. Some pages are categorized with both Category Anti Pattern and Category Management Anti Pattern and some not. It is not so clear for the fresh reader what is the logic.

There very often is not an overall logic because different people contributed different thoughts, perhaps at different times and unaware of what else is here. It is a valuable contribution to come in and pull it together and make sense of it as you see it. Thank you for your efforts. -- John Fletcher

>> Thanks for that John! I'll do what I can.

6. Think about "itineraries" in c2.com for instance to introduce people to Design Patterns or Anti Patterns.

7. Added a big section for TPM. Interesting to anyone?

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