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What is a category?

A category is a Reverse Index to related Wiki pages. Instead of a category page containing forward links to pages of that category, page authors can put a reference to one or more categories on their pages. By clicking on the title of a category page, Wiki will list the pages referenced to that category.

For instance:

Someone adds the category title 'CategoryComicBooks' at the bottom of a page. When someone clicks the link to that category, they are taken to that category's page. That page may or may not have a more detailed description of what pages it applies to (wiki users are, of course, encouraged to provide those descriptions), but in any case, if the title of that page is then clicked, Wiki will provide a list of all pages having that category's link in them.

To see a list of all categories, click the title of this page. To view the list of categories in alphabetical order, click the LikePages link at the bottom of this page or try . What follows on this page is a list of some categories grouped by subject.

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Some easy rules for editing this page:

create a category only when that category is really needed (be picky)

create concise descriptions (as few words as possible)

create useful descriptions (don't merely repeat the category name)

keep everything in alphabetical order

only after dealing with all the Back Links (hundreds, sometimes thousands) do you delete or rename a category

only when it really makes sense do you put entries into multiple sections



Category Fuzzy -- theory and implementation of All Things Fuzzy

Category Information Management -- includes library science concerns?

Category Internet -- Internet, net, web, information superhighway, etc.

Category Linux -- the Linux operating system

Category Messaging Services -- technology to link up applications and application services

Category Microsoft -- Number 1 player in the computing field

Category Agent Oriented -- Agent-Oriented Programming, systems and methodology.

Category Unix -- the UNIX operating system

Category Palm Os -- The Palm OS operating system --> being replaced with the more inclusive Category Handheld

Category Web Design -- web design, web programming, usability, etc.

Software Development & Programming General:

Category Adopting Xp -- adopting Extreme Programming

Category Analysis -- software analysis

Category Architecture -- software architectural issues/types, apparently excluding computing hardware architecture issues (as indicated by the text describing the category; for the excluded aspects, please see Category Computer Architecture). Also please note that this category may contain discussions related to computer-based electronic device architecture, where the software is a component of, but not the totality of, the product under consideration.

Category Case Study -- case studies of software project experiences

Category Components -- component-based programming

Category Configuration Management -- configuration Management Tool

Category Cpp Templates -- software templates

Category Crc Cards -- using cards in software development

Category Design Issues -- design issues (software, so far)

Category Modelling Laws And Principles -- software modeling laws and principles

Category Open Source -- All things related to the principles, processes, and business decisions surrounding Open Source

Category Orientation -- a taxonomy of sub and sub-sub categories covering various levels/orientations in software development

Coding Concerns:

Category Collections -- data collections (arrays, etc.)

Category Ide -- Integrated Development Environments

Someone please help categorizing list in Structured Query Language, I have added Sql Coding Style to this new category -- dl Sep04 and Delete When Cooked

Distributed Computing:

Category Ejb -- Enterprise Java Beans

Category Concurrency threading, synchronization, locking, wait-free algorithms, etc.

Programming Languages:

Category Algol -- "Algol-like" languages, including Wirth Languages (Wijngarten's woebegone wizard! There was a separate category for "C#", but not for "Algol-like" languages!?)

Category Common Lisp -- a Lisp dialect

Category Cpp -- C++

Category Cpp Templates -- C++ Templates

Category Java Script -- JavaScript/JScript and ECMAScript

Category Language Feature -- features of programming languages

Category Pascal -- Pascal family of Wirth Languages, including "Pascal-like" languages

Category Pli -- descendants of PL/I, arguably including SQL

Category Python -- Python and Jython

Category Scheme -- another Lisp dialect

Special Purpose Languages:

Category Tex -- TeX text formatting language

Category Thelop -- Language Oriented Programming & LOP language

Category Xml -- XML text formatting language

Technical stuff

Category Computer Architecture -- for software issues more akin to software design, please see the unsymmetrically named Category Architecture.

Category Computer Company -- a basis for descriptions and references to the commercial enterprises responsible for hardware and software advances and setbacks in the computer industry.

Category Documentation -- all about writing for technical reasons

Category Glossary -- definitions of terms (see also Category Definition)

Category Hardware (awfully broad as a category)

Category Hierarchy -- discussing hierarchical structures

Category Real Time -- instrumentation, machine, medical diagnostics & treatment, etc.

Category Refactoring -- improving a system internally without affecting interface

Category Security -- computer security and authentication issues

Category Ytwok -- Y2k (Year 2000, the date bug thingy)

Category Intellectual Stuff Grouping (Literature, History, Psychology, Philosophy, etc.)



Wiki Wiki Web


Category Voting -- how to poll wiki users, some pages on (off-wiki) voting

Category Wiki -- general Wiki Wiki issues

Category Wiki Engine Review -- Wiki engines and wiki farms

Category Wiki Progress -- how Wards Wiki is shaping up for the future

Category Wiki Tag -- tag marks applied to pages requiring some action to clear the tag

Wiki Wiki -- the word

Wiki Wiki Web -- the object

Indexes, etc:

Category Category -- you are here

Category Faq -- FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages

Category Home Page -- Wiki Wiki users' home pages

Category Index -- pages with indexes (lists of links)

Category Road Map -- things to explore (good for newbies)

Category Wiki Favorites -- Wiki Wiki Favorite pages

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