Taral Dragon

My (online) name is Taral. It is the only name I use online. Despite some (unknown) persons' objections, I consider it an actual name. People refer to me as "Taral" in real life as well as online. If you hunt around, you can find out my "legal name". At some point I might change it to Taral. Then again I might not.

As for the Dragon part (since I was asked): it comes from various aspects of my personality. Mostly associated with the idea of Totem Animals, although I more consider myself to have a dragon spirit than to be guided by one. (Oh, and it's only there in my Wiki Name because of Wiki Case requirements.)


Debian Gnu Linux Developer

Bicycle Repair Man creaked along -- not sure what the state is now

I (sort of) maintain the lojban-related Debian Gnu Linux packages.


Capability-based systems

I'm finally a graduate of the University Of Texas at Austin. I currently work at IBM: NFS performance on AIX.

I have a friend who doesn't like to use his real name online either. He talks about privacy and such but I get the feeling you have different reasons. I'm interested in why you don't want people to know your real name - or rather why you don't use it. -- Iain Lowe

I have no problem talking about it. Suffice it to say that I like the concept of a childhood name and an adult name, the latter of which is chosen by the person themselves. I've never really much liked my "real name", and so many years ago I came up with this one. As time goes by, it gets used more and more, although there are still people around who use my "real name" (or the initials) to refer to me. -- td

(for anyone wondering it really isn't hard to find out what it is by the way...)

As one of the few to take the trouble to track down the real name, I can confirm that the name used here is preferable by far. Please continue with it.

I have a similar attitude in one respect - my "Nom De Net", Morendil, feels as much of a real name to me (and to some of the people I interact with online) as my legal name does. It's not a matter of privacy so much as plain old Name Magic. I don't at all mind disclosing or using my legal name, though. -- Laurent Bossavit

You are aware of the similarity of your nom de net to the "real name" of the "Captain" half of "The Captain and Tennille", i.e., Daryl Dragon, I suppose...

Who? Never heard of him. I don't really intend for Dragon to serve as a "last name". Wiki Case requires me, however, to add another word, so I put in Dragon. Who's this Daryl Dragon then? -- td (P.S. just curious -- is there a reason you left off your name from that comment?)

There's no reason -- I write on so many Wiki pages that I often forget to sign. And the fact that the name "The Captain and Tenille" doesn't register is probably a function of your age :) See the following page (captainandtennille.net ) for information. -- Kyle Brown

I think Mad Tv did a spoof of them... -- Anonymous Donor

I asked myself, how hard it is to find your legal name, so I tried. In 1 Minute, I knew it, but only your last name and your initials. And I was not 100% sure yet. 5 Minutes later I knew the full name and I was 100% sure. It's really easy....

Yes, I'm commonly known as "JP" (my initials)... I even have various forms of ID which only have those initials on. It's become, in effect, an alias. (At least the credit card companies think so :) -- td

It took me under a minute, and just three clicks plus typing a single search term. I think it's a great name, myself, but if you prefer your new one, so much the better! I have a couple of friends with changed names - one changed hers many years ago, and the other changes his every few months (it drives his bank crazy).

Hint: it's on his resume!

Dang, can't say I blame you. I also know people who go by a chosen name, some of whom have made it legal. I can see how Taral fits Real Names Please for you.

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