Kyle Brown

I'm a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Corporation. Somehow I was conned into being the Program Chair of Plop Two Thousand Two.

I'm currently interested in Java Patterns and especially Java Idioms since the definitive set of these has yet to be written. Since I have an intense interest in distributed Object systems I'm also interested in Messaging Patterns, Dynamic Messaging, Distribution Idioms and Component Design Patterns, a project in which I'm working with Philip Eskelin and Nat Pryce. The first fruit of this collaboration is .

Also, I've started to think about the Future Of Java, the Future Of Smalltalk and the Future Of Objects. I'm an author (with Bobby Woolf and Sherman Alpert) of the Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion. I'm also a co-author of Enterprise Java Programming With Ibm Web Sphere, which is only tangentially patterns-related.

For years before coming to IBM, I was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Knowledge Systems Corporation (KSC). I can be reached by email through I've been interested in Patterns since I was introduced to them by Ken Auer back in 1993.

Way back in 1995 Bobby Woolf and I presented a Smalltalk graphics tutorial at Smalltalk Solutions that drew heavily from the Gang Of Four patterns, as well as some of my own patterns to explain the Smalltalk Graphics Framework.

I've also published a patterns experience report on using design patterns in Order Management Systems in the January '95 issue of Object Magazine. Most of the articles that I've written for the Smalltalk Report have a patterns slant, as do the articles on Java that I've published in Eye on Objects, Distributed Computing, Visual Age Magazine and the Java Report.

Bruce Whitenack and I have been working on a set of patterns to describe how to connect relational databases to object-oriented systems we call Crossing Chasms. We presented the first set of results at Plop'95. We later presented a tutorial on the latest version at OOPSLA '97 and Smalltalk Solutions '98.

I have also written a paper in collaboration with Robert Hirschfeld and Amund Aarsten (still sadly unpublished) on Patterns Of Client Server Architectures.

I enjoy tinkering around with Anti Patterns. Finally I wrote my Master's thesis on Reverse Engineering Smalltalk code. It features a search engine that will scan your design for uses of several specific GOF patterns like Composite, Decorator, Template Method and Chain Of Responsibility and document them along with more traditional diagrams and specs. If you're interested, see the entire thing at .

I also have a real home page at

Some believe he is a Redneck Smalltalker. He has recently been obsessed with the question of Whatsa Controller Anyway...

Some Pages that I have started that I am proud of:

Some of my friends pages that I've rescued from the Wiki Gnomes include Joseph Yoder (who has written a number of papers published in the various PLoPD books) and Jeff Mc Kenna.

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