Matt Simpson

I'm just this guy, ya know?

You can find more about me here -

Clues about the latest and greatest state of my web service providers can be seen through my main domain -

I work for IBM in their knowledge management corporate office. I've been building support for communities of practice since 1990 (having fun doing it, as a hobby, instead of my dissertation). Now, I'm mostly concerned about org. change, org. dev., knowledge management, CoP, business transformation... that stuff. You can find me via email at matthew AT undertheoak DOT net.

I've installed my own Wiki at and am trying to figure out what to do with it. At first it was a Twiki (see Twiki Clone). Then it was a Use Mod Wiki. Then it was a JSPWiki. Now it is a Pm Wiki.

November 6, 2001 - And now I have learned a lot more about what to do with them and am starting to use them in my work. -- MS

Read your note on Wiki Fiction. I might be interested in getting involved. What did you have in mind? -- Jason Yip

I also read your note on Wiki Fiction. I hope you'll stop by the site I mentioned. If you can help in any way, or if you have any suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate it. That goes for you too, Jason Yip. -- Bradley Simmons

Matthew, are you still of the belief that the Monty Hall Problem is 50/50? -- Jeremy Cromwell

No... We discussed this at length via email, right? And I have logged that inside on the Monty Hall Problem page. Thanks Jeremy. -- Matt Simpson

April, 2003 - Wow! I just figured out how to run my own Personal Wiki without worrying about any kind of nonsense with cgi or html server on windows, or any other kind of special software. Eddies Wiki runs completely on its own without a hitch! Now I can even write some documents for package and deliver by using wiki! -- Matt Simpson

The invite you put on various pages will be noticed if put on the Eddies Wiki Page only. -- vk

Of course it will by some. And it will be less missed when put on all Eddie pages. It's just a harmless one-liner and I wanted to catch everyone's attention using all those pages. Not everyone reads Recent Changes. -- ms


Winter, Spring, Summer 2002 - Used Use Mod a lot. In total, I setup about 5 wikis with that engine. -- MS

Fall 2002 - My webhost provider reported a crash. All data lost and unrecoverable. -- MS

Jan 2003 - Finally invested the time to get the site up and running again... data gone... significant blow. -- MS

Spring 2003 - Webhost goes bankrupt - wells assets to another company - new company non-responsive. -- MS

June 29, 2003 - Recently, I've decided to align my wiki hobby with my employer's future (Web Sphere Portal Server) and have found a new web service that can support JSPs. I'm working on JSPWiki now, trying to figure it out. Of course I have to educate myself about Apache, Tomcat, and JavaVM. I've also learned that PHP can be cool too. - Matt Simpson

2004_01_01 What the heck was I doing?... Why did I show up so much on Recent Changes?... I was just changing my name from Matthew to Matt (sorry for the noise, ye reader of recent changes ;-) You might be interested in checking the Recent Edits option for stuff like that.

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