Minorities On Wiki

Minorities On Wiki are entitled to express their opinions too, in a corner :)

And, in the spirit of Wiki Great Foobar Lists we proudly present ...


The Architects (bricks and mortar variety)

The Architects (XP straw non-programmer variety)

COBOL Programmers (Yes, I still exist)

FORTRAN Programmers

Elizabeth Wiethoff (still doing it in 2002)

John Fletcher (still doing it now, whenever now is)

The Methodologists or as David and Posh would say "It's not right to limit joining by religious preference."

The Cartoonists

The Husbands Of Cartoonists

The Geologists

The Economics/Business Students

Premium People (Insurance Types)

The Microsoft Advocates

The Women - see Girls Dont Wiki and Girls Do Wiki for the surprising fact that some still do

Katie Lucas (I'm also a War Gamer. That puts me in a real small minority...)

The Old Farts

Garry Hamilton (CP/M, Heathkit, 8080)

I'm going to stick my neck out here and suggest The Old Farts are NOT in the minority! Old Fart units are not measured in years .... should we ask the original author to refactor??

The Veterans

The Twins

The Avid Cyclists any relation to www.avidbike.com ?

The Juggling Unicyclists

Doug Merritt (not a great juggling unicyclist, but also trampoline, gymnastics, springboard/cliff/scuba diving, thaumaturgy, etc etc etc)

The Slide Rule Collectors

Donald Noyes

Doug Merritt (how many do we need to qualify as a "collector"? Yeah, I'd like to know that too - though my two pieces probably don't qualify. -- Gunnar Zarncke)

The Technical Writers

The Ballroom Dancers

The Mathematicians

Working Mathematicians:

Avocational Mathematicians:

Elizabeth Wiethoff (I must qualify if I read proofs for fun.)

The Students As in those of us too green to know better, not necessarily the lecture-hall-sitting type.

The Embedded Systems Programmers

Gareth Mc Caughan (some of the time)

Doug Merritt (sometimes)

"I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."

The Christians

Cortland Haws (I can be in more then one category, right?)

Marcus Cathey (who doesn't want a homepage because he only wikis enough to get in trouble.)

I wonder if Christians really are a minority of the people who post to wiki? They certainly aren't a minority in the U.S. (where I suspect most wiki posters live) or the U.K., at least according to census:

U.S.: Protestant 56%, Roman Catholic 28%, Jewish 2%, other 4%, sane 10% (1989)

U.K.: Anglican and Roman Catholic 67%, Muslim 2.5%, Presbyterian 1.3%, Methodist 1.3%, Sikh 0.8%, Hindu 0.8%, Jewish 0.6%

More up-to-date statistics for Great Britain (excl. Northern Ireland) from the 2001 census:

Christian 71.8%, Muslim 2.8%, Hindu 1.0%, Sikh 0.6%, Jewish 0.5%, Buddhist 0.3%, Spiritualist 0.06%, Pagan 0.05%, Jain 0.03%, Wicca 0.01%, Rastafarian 0.009%, Bah��0.009%, Zoroastrian 0.007%, no religion (incl. facetious answers such as Jedi Knight) 15.1%, question not answered 7.8%.

Please explain why Jedi Knight is a facetious answer and Roman Catholic is not? Because we're a minority? That doesn't seem very fair. Or is it cos Jedi was invented more recently than Christian? Cos Jedi? May I ask what the cosine of "Jedi" is?

I guess one has to differentiate between 'social' religion and 'believed' religion. You might answer differently

on an official questionaire (which may be relevant for taxes e.g.)

between your close friends and relatives

in your heart/diary

in church

The Atheists (and Anti Theists)

The Very Mixed Ethnicity Humans

Geraldo Xexeo (French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, maybe African)

Marcus Cathey (German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, American Indian, African, and maybe French)

The Brits

All the smart people on wiki :-)

The Objectivists

Those who object to Objectivism

The Wizards (wizards of what?)

The Sexp Fiends (people using various flavours of Lisp Language)

Doug Merritt (sometimes)

The Water Fall Enthusiasts

Walden Mathews ("I do one thing at a time; I do it very well; and then I backtrack.")

The Amputees

Those Who Admit They Like TV, Star Wars, and Mc Donalds, Without Shame

Star Wars Fetus Club (saw episode IV it in the womb)

''A friend of mine was in "The Shining" as a fetus - his pregnant mother was one of the extras."

The Left Handed Vegetarian Linux-Loving Sexp Fiends who Gave Up On Television

The Incorrigible Generalists

The People who like Star Bucks

Scott Johnson (though other coffee shops are better, Star Bucks is all right)

The People who think software engineering is completely made up pseudo-science but practice it anyways

Web Designers Who Have Stared Cross-Browser DHTML In The Face... And Were Summarily Swallowed Whole By Cthulhu

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me ... All those Americans old enough to recognize this refrain should get their own minority listing! I thought the Old Farts already had a section.

Emm Eye Cee, Kay Ee Why... I am 24.

[The leader of the club that's made for you and me... It rings a bell. What song would that be?] Think "Annette Funicello"

''I'm open to a new category name, but not some "Mickey Mouse" classification (see above) that was after my time anyway. Think of some name that involves relays, vacuum tubes, punched cards, star wheels, or paper tape (but not that newfangled type with the optical sensors)!

The Babbageers?

My First Computer was a Difference Engine?

And if Old Farts are NOT in the minority, why is it that no one else has signed on?

Many possibilities but Facing The Inevitable must rate high on the list.

Should there be a separate page for those Groups On Wiki that have representatives here but perhaps do not wish to be exposed? eg, terrorists, crackers, deviants, criminals or - horror - politicians.

Anyone who adds their name to a list on this page may find a brief moment of comfort and solidarity with other minority groups. Before the real persecution starts...It's about to start, all in good fun of course.

(I presume it's considered bad form to add someone else's name to any of the categories here?)

Apparently not. Didn't stop someone adding mine.

Quandary! Multiple inheritance problem. Do I post myself under "The Christians," "The Embedded Systems Programmers," "The Avid Cyclists," or "The Old Farts?" Bummer.

Why not add your name to multiple categories? It's a free Wiki, right? (free as in not ruled, not as in not paying for it, but either are true)

Okay, done.

[Scene: Bloom County, Binkley talking to his dad (who is still half-asleep in bed).]

Binkley: Well, dad, I guess it's safe to say we aren't exactly a couple of short, Hispanic, Hindu, French-speaking physically handicapped Communist gay black women.

Binkley: Nope, in every regard, we're hopelessly in the majority. Ethnically, religiously, physically, economically, politically, educationally, sexually and gender-wise... we're in the solid majority.

Binkley: For crying out loud, we're not even in the "Moral Majority" minority.

Binkley: In fact, we're as majority as you can get! And there's darn few of us left! Do you realize what that makes us?

Binkley's Dad: A minority.

Binkley: Right. I'm going to bed. Power, brother.

Paraphrased from Life Of Brian:

You don't need to follow me! You are all individuals!

Crowd (in unison):
Yes! We're all individuals!

I'm not.

Ironically, this was also used by Brian (the dog on Family Guy) in the witness protection/redneck episode.

Remember that you are a unique individual, just like everyone else. (www.despair.com )

I think I'll let someone else pick a minority for me to be in. -- Jay Osako

Yes, many minorities above seem like they were made up to match exactly one individual (at least initially). Therefore these are really attributions, not minorities. -- Gunnar Zarncke (who strangely doesn't seem to fall into any of these)

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